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NOTE: We are not accepting any horses at this time.


If you are searching for a special place to retire your horse, White Rose Farm is what you are looking for!

Aiken's great climate, combined with our carefully monitored pastures, allows your horse to develop bonds with other horses in small groups as nature intended.

Your horse will not be leaving behind his creature comforts as we groom and bathe each horse on a regular basis and feed two times a day. As horse owners, we understand the concerns regarding where and how your horse will spend his retirement days. We also understand your need to know that your horse will be cared for exactly the way you want, all day, every day.

Performance horses need to learn how to retire. We never just turn a horse out to pasture on arrival. Your horse will be gradually introduced to his pasture buddies and monitored for any signs of stress. If he needs to feel the safety of a stall during this transition period he has access to an oversized box stall. Only when he's ready will he be integrated with his pasture buddies.

Farm owner, Cathy Newman, lives onsite and monitors the horses 24/7. The farm is designed with daily emphasis on thoroughly caring for the horses, instead of just boarding and feeding.

White Rose Farm is here to offer you peace of mind and the best care possible for your retiring equine partner. Your horse will become a part of our family and is treated as such... spoiling them is part of the deal!